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More often than not, tree failures that result in structural damage are caused by severe weather that overloaded an unknown defect in the tree. If this happens to you we’re the first call you should make (unless there is a life-threatening emergency). We believe our customers deserve the best and most professional service possible on their worst day. We are available 24/7 for emergency needs and are able to bill your insurance directly. You’ll never pay us one cent. The minor paperwork involved ensures that you’re not stuck playing middleman with your insurance company for our portion of your claim.

We’ll cut to the chase about insurance billing. Emergency tree work is expensive. It is expensive to run a fully compliant tree service that can be available day or night in any weather to respond to dynamic and difficult situations that involve severe property damage, often with complicated access. Think about what it would be like to have a medical emergency at night in foul weather, except in our case, the hospital comes to you ready to operate. Furthermore, when we remove a tree from a house we have to go to great lengths to document the situation and guaruntee that we are not causing any additional unnecessary damage and exposing ourselves to liability. Every insurance company is different, some have no issue paying our justifiable rates, and others will delay, discourage, or outright lie to avoid payment.

This being said, we deal with people fairly. If we feel that damage caused by a tree to your home will meet most basic homeowners policy coverage requirements we will ask you to fill out some paperwork that allows us to send our bill to your insurance company directly. This eliminates the possibility of you having to argue with your adjuster or your agent over our bill and ensures you will not have to pay us out of pocket for a large unplanned expense.

Our process speaks for itself as we have a 100% coverage rate for every insurance job we have ever billed. In some cases, portions of our work can be depreciated against your deductible, reducing what you would otherwise pay in a claim scenario with another tree service!

You deserve the most professional service possible on your worst day, that’s what we deliver.


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