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Protecting Your Investment

One Tree At A Time

Experienced, fast, and safe tree removal throughout central Maine

Since 2018 Zuhlke Tree Service has been providing top notch arborist services to the greater Bangor region, our
reputation for quality and commitment to customer satisfaction speaks for itself. See for yourself and give us a call!

Why Choose Zuhlke Tree Service

We care about you and your trees. Period.


Residential, Commercial, & Municipal

Whether you're a homeowner, business owner, public works director, or a facilities manager at a large institution - we have professional solutions that can meet your needs.


All our Staff is State Certified

All of our staff is State certified and we continually invest in training and certifications to make sure that every job site meets industry standards for safety and efficiency.


Safe and compliant tree removal 

We care about safety as much as we care about your trees. Safety for our customers, employees, and the resource we work with is paramount to our success.


Can bill insurance directly

We are experienced with handling tree related insurance claims and can guide our customers through the sometimes complicated process with no out of pocket cost. If an emergency arises, you can trust our process to deliver the result you deserve.


Emergency Services Available

We are on call 24/7 for any tree related emergency needs.


We take care of all debris

When pruning or removing trees from your property we are able to handle all debris with minimal impact to your property and can ensure a tidy jobsite when work is complete.

Arborist Services

We are a full service tree care company that can handle anything from basic pruning and removals to large scale risk assessments and right-of-way solutions and almost anything inbetween. If you have a project that needs the most effective and efficient solution possible we're here for you. We stay up to date with cutting edge industry technology and can add to our portfolio of capabilities as customer needs dictate.

Learn More About Arborist Services

Tree Pruning

Many times the solution our customers need is judicious pruning. Proper pruning practices can improve tree health, minimize branch risk, and allow trees to be retained for longer periods of time so that their benefits extend well into the future. Our arborists have mastered making proper pruning cuts and enjoy the delicate and important work of tree pruning.

Learn More About Tree Pruning

Emergency Tree Removal

More often than not, tree failures that result in structural damage are caused by severe weather that overloaded an unknown defect in the tree. If this happens to you we're the first call you should make. We believe our customers deserve the best and most professional service possible on their worst day. We are available 24/7 for emergency needs and are able to bill your insurance directly. You'll never pay us one cent. The minor paperwork involved ensures that you're not stuck playing middleman with your insurance company for our portion of your claim.

Learn More About Emergency Tree Removal

Tree Risk Assessment

Owner James Zuhlke is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist who also holds an ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. From basic visual inspections to advanced assessments using cutting edge technology we're here to help you make informed decisions about your trees. We sell confidence, not fear.

Learn More About Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Cabling and Bracing

We are equipped to cable and brace trees as appropriate and utilize the best cabling systems in the industry to maximize the effectiveness of installed tree supports and minimize damage inflicted during the cabling and bracing process. We recommend re-inspection of your cabling systems on a three year interval and can inspect or replace cabling on older systems as needed.

Learn More About Tree Cabling and Bracing

Stump Grinding

We’re a one stop shop when it comes to all of your tree needs. We have the tools necessary to complete every job start to finish all the way down to the stump. Many of our customers don’t want to look at stumps in their yard or wait for them to rot naturally. We can grind both small and large stumps and can even do light site work such as removal of the grindings, bringing in fill, and seeding the ground out area. Most customers choose the “grind and go” option where we grind the stumps and leave the grindings, as the grindings are decent mulch in a garden or a good substrate for things like raspberries and blackberries.

Learn More About Stump Grinding

High Praise From Our Clients

Here are a few of the testimonials from people who have worked with us

Protecting Your Investment

One Tree At A Time

Experienced, fast, and safe tree removal throughout Central Maine