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Your trees don't

need a haircut

Many times the solution our customers need is judicious pruning. Proper pruning practices can improve tree health, minimize branch risk, and allow trees to be retained for longer periods of time so that their benefits extend well into the future. Our arborists have mastered making proper pruning cuts and enjoy the delicate and important work of tree pruning. 

If trees are improperly pruned it can lead to further problems down the road. Things like flush cuts and peel cuts can result in improper wound sealing and allow different pathogens to enter the tree. Improper pruning cuts are the equivalent of a botched plastic surgery in trees, if a surgeon doesn’t make a cut just right, the results can be disastrous. Keeping trees healthy by adhering to proper pruning standards is one of the things we do best, don’t leave your trees fate to anyone who wants to give them a “haircut”.

Speaking of haircuts, trees don’t need them. Trees don’t have hair and cutting the top out of a tree is not an acceptable pruning practice in most settings. What “topping” normally results in is a rapid spiral of decline characterized by extremely bushy epicormic growth around the area cut and the formation of multiple, weakly attached, codominant stems, and eventually death.

We are happy to teach our customers how to properly prune the small ornamental trees around their yard so that they can take over some basic maintenance themselves and learn about long term tree health. Just ask!


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